My research interests touch aspects in the areas of ecology and evolution of multitrophic interaction including facilitative (plant symbiosis) and antagonistic levels (plant herbivores). I focus on how extreme climatic conditions along biogeographical gradients dictate plant’s interactions with belowground soil microorganisms and aboveground herbivores. In Terrestrial Ecology Group, I am responsible for assisting in microbial and plant research. I will also be responsible for managing an outdoor experimental facility of the group.

  Short CV
2019 Ph.D., Functional/Chemical Ecology, University of Neuchâtel
2014 M.A., Behaviour, Ecology and Evolution, University of Lausanne

B.A., Biology, University of Lausanne


Formenti, L, Caggìa, V, Puissant, J, et al. The effect of root-associated microbes on plant growth and chemical defence traits across two contrasted elevations. J Ecol. 2020, 00: 1– 13.

Formenti, L, Rasmann, S. Mycorrhizal Fungi Enhance Resistance to Herbivores in Tomato Plants with Reduced Jasmonic Acid Production. Agronomy. 2019, 9, 131.

Bakhtiari, M, Formenti, L, Caggìa, V, Glauser, G, Rasmann, S. Variable effects on growth and defense traits for plant ecotypic differentiation and phenotypic plasticity along elevation gradients. Ecol Evol. 2019, 9: 3740– 3755.

Kergunteuil, A, Bakhtiari, M, Formenti, L, Xiao, Z, Defossez, E, Rasmann, S. Biological Control beneath the Feet: A Review of Crop Protection against Insect Root Herbivores. Insects 2016, 7, 70.